Deccan House, Secunderabad

Residence Design,  Alternate Technology

Ongoing, Since 2015

Built-up Area: 370 Sq.m (3,900 Sq.ft)

Set in the Deccan region, the design is a direct response to the hot and dry climate of Secunderabad. The house is designed as a series of spaces wrapped around the external court on the ground floor. All semi-public activities like living, dining and a raised bar are strung around the courtyard while the master-bedroom, kitchen and family-dining open into a private internal garden. The first floor is insulated by a semi-covered yoga-terrace. The services on the west behave as thermal insulators and prevent the living spaces from getting heated. Rammed earth, compressed from the soil in the site is used as the primary building material. The massing and materials used, help in creating a climate-responsive, comfortable living environment with passive cooling techniques.


Reading Verandah and Terrace Garden