Devi Mandir, Kuhi

Light and Religious Architecture


Built-up Area: 700 Sq.m (7500 Sq.ft)

The design of Devi Mandir straddles many layers - contextual (the socio-cultural role of a temple in a rural setting in Maharashtra) and formal. The central question pursued in the design is how to respond to a type, without type-casting a pan-indian imagery of a temple.The design addresses questions of siting a temple along a major road in the village, existing plinth, creating a sacred precinct by isolating it from ancillary buildings on site, addressing presence of a large neem tree and crafting details using local stone.The process of abstraction deals with basic relationship between plan and section, transition and light. The temple proper is conceived as a dark core exaggerated by cuboid bulky stone shikhara, from which a slender semi-open mandapa emerges. The shikhara has a tapering volume inside to negotiate a light cone. 

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