The Auro School

Institution Design

Ongoing: Since October 2018

Built-up Area: 5,575 Sq.m (60,000 Sq.ft)

The Auro School in Bangalore is located amidst sylvan agricultural lands, coconut groves and hills for a backdrop. This CBSE School is part of the Sri Aurobindo Trust.The siting and compact massing of the design is a response to create a significant multi-functional foreground for gathering and play, often found lacking in city schools. The architectural design comprises of two blocks embracing a sunken court - the ‘classroom block’ at the rear and the ‘lab block’ in front. The structural bays of these respective modules (class and lab) becomes the generator of design. The structure is expressed by columns on the exterior which become vertical rain-water gutter channels, echoing the rhythm of the bays. The two massive blocks are connected by a light steel bridge hovering above the sunken court. In keeping with the school philosophy, a restraint material palette and spatial organisation attempts to reflect austerity.